Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rox + Rumble Wool Pants Review and Giveaway!

Rox + Rumble specializes in wool for your little ones. They try to create unique and trendy designs inspired by art and imagination for your stylish kiddos. All of Rox + Rumble's products are designed in the USA and made in Romania. Megan Dahm is the heart and soul behind Rox + Rumble. She has three boys, Everett, Cashiuss and Jagger. Her three boys are her inspiration. She was having trouble finding pants that fit her boys properly as they were either too big in the waist or too wide for the leg. Her mission was quite simple, create pants that are not only going to be trendy for her boys but pants that could be worn by girls as well. The reason she chose wool was because of its versatility, and this is when the Woolsters were born! Along with her super adorable wool, she wanted to create t-shirts to match the colors of the Woolsters. Megan is continually looking for inspiration to keep Rox + Rumble fresh and fashionable. If you ask Megan, she loves the beach, reading (whenever time allows), board games and time with her family. 

 Rox + Rumble sources their extra fine merino wool from Italy. It is tested for harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and meets all the requirements of the Italian Ministry of Health!  Rox + Rumble is an extremely fun brand who loves to hear from their customers. If you own some Rox + Rumble wool, use the hashtag #roxrumble to show off your threads for a chance to be featured by them!
I've always been really intimidated to try wool. The thought of lanolizing it made me even less willing to try it out. Then I stumbled into
 the Rox + Rumble Chit Chat page on Facebook and couldn't believe how adorable all that wool was. I reached out to Megan to see if she wanted to partner up for a review because I wanted as many people as possible to see how cute all this wool is! I gave Megan my little guy's stats and guessed which size I thought he'd be. Then I told her anything blue would be amazing because that's his favorite color. And really guys, it's ridiculously hard to go on her website and pick out just one favorite piece of wool. She sent us the gorgeous Nautilus. You guys, these wool pants are way more gorgeous in person than in photos. 

So you may be wondering why wool, right? Well the simple truth is that wool is amazing. Here are some interesting things about wool that you might not have known. Wool regulates itself to body temperature. This is pretty awesome, I know. Because that means when it's cold outside your wool will keep your kiddo warm and when it's cold, your wool will keep your kiddo cool. Is this not the best thing ever?! 
Wool also is a natural wicking fiber. It actually allows moisture to pass through without retaining any of the moisture in the wool itself. Wool can however absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without becoming damp or clammy. So even if your kiddo's Woolsters get wet, his/her body temperature stays warm. Along with that, its unique structure won't trap in any body odors. So you don't have to wash your Woolsters every time your kiddo wears them. Unless you know, they roll around in the mud or spill food all over them. In addition to all these already great things about wool, dirt sits right on the surface of the fiber. In most cases, it can be wiped off easily and the Woolsters dry quickly. They're also flame-retardant, not that you expect your kiddo to be on fire or anything. Adding some super cute Woolsters to your kiddos wardrobe is definitely a huge plus! And the Woolsters are a great pairing with cloth diapers! 

 Here's the big question though. How do you care for your Woolsters? Like previously mentioned, you don't have to wash them daily. But, when you do need to wash them, here are the proper washing instructions: 

  • Step One: Rox + Rumble recommends that you handwash your Woolsters. However, some washing machines have a "wool cycle". If you feel you can trust your washer, feel free to wash them on the "wool cycle". The main concern is that you don't want to run into felting. This is when there is too much friction on the wool fibers and they start to shrink. You need to wash your wool with a very delicate soap or soap specifically for wool and follow the directions on the soap label.  
  • Step Two: If you're hand washing, squeeze the water out. DO NOT wring it out. You can cover the Woolster in a towel and press out the excess water. Step Three: Dry flat and make sure you DO NOT USE ANY HEAT! If you do, they will felt and they will shrink and you'll probably cry if that happens.  

I have to say that Megan is one of the nicest people I've chatted with. And one of the best business owners I've worked with. She's extremely present in her group and will answer any comments or questions you may have. I'm a giant lurker in the Chit Chat group and attend almost all the live stockings even if I don't purchase anything. Megan remembers her customers and even writes these super nice little notes to send out with your package. I was so excited to open our package and see Nautilus along with a sweet note from Megan. These Woolsters are stunning. I immediately put them on my son. He's two, nearly three and is on the chunkier and taller side of kids his age. I decided to go with 2T/3T because that's what size clothing he's currently in and he's still in cloth diapers. They fit him perfectly around the waist and he finds them to be extremely comfortable. They're slightly on the longer side, which I'm totally fine with because that means they'll fit him longer. So we just roll up the cuffs a little bit, which I think is a pretty common thing for people to do. He's been wearing his Woolsters almost daily since we've gotten them. They're his favorite pants to wear! It's been pretty cool here lately with a few warmer days in the mix and he can still wear them without getting too hot or too cold in them. Not only are they a perfect pair of pants for the daytime, they rock as nighttime pants as well! We like to pair them with any kind of nighttime diaper for him and this combination becomes a bullet proof nighttime solution with zero leaks and no wet sheets. Which makes me wonder why we didn't try wool a long time ago. These are by far the softest pants I've ever felt and the quality is amazing. I imagine these will be lasting us a long time as long as we're good to them. 

 I've been lurking on the group long enough to know that matching your Woolsters with cute shirts are a big deal. So I've taken it upon myself to snap a few photos of matches that I thought were pretty darn cute.  

If pants aren't your jam, Rox + Rumble has some other amazing wool products as well. There are several types of pants you can choose from, of course. But there are also some other adorable styles. They have some super cute board shorts, capris, covers and euro shorts! It doesn't end there though. They also have throw blankets, baby blankets and the cutest tee shirts ever! So make sure you head on over to the website and check out all the cuteness going on over there! Be sure to also follow the social media accounts: Pinterest, Facebook along with the Chit Chat group, Twitter and Instagram! Be sure to join the Live Facebook stocking as well! This is where you'll see the new designs and have a chance to order some super cute wool! It'll be Friday, March 10 at 7 PM CST.

Now for the super exciting part! Megan has kindly offered a free pair of wool pants to one lucky reader! Yep, FREE! All you have to do is complete the form below. The giveaway will be opened for one week, so get those entries in! You will provide the size needed and Megan will pick the colorway. The giveaway will be open for one week, so get those entries in!

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for a review. I was in no other way compensated and all opinions are my own!