Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kentucky to Bloomington: Visiting Our Favorite People!

This past weekend, we headed back up to Bloomington to visit our friends and family. While it was just a short weekend trip, we had such a blast and had so much to do. It's not too long of a trip, maybe 3 hours at most and my four year old was already asking by Louisville how much longer we had to go. Luckily I had snacks and fun things for the boys to do to keep their mind off the trip. My two year old fell asleep after a little while and slept until we got into Bloomington. My four year old refused to sleep, scared he would miss something exciting. Immediately after we got into town, I sent my parents a message letting them know we had made it safely, but also to let them know we were taking the kiddos to lunch first. Our family's favorite meal is Green Curry. But not just any Green Curry, it has to be from My Thai Cafe in Bloomington. 
We've tried at least 4-5 other places and nothing compares to MTC. Seriously... nothing! We did find one in Louisville that wasn't too bad, but still not as amazing as we're used to. Bloomington just seriously has some pretty amazing food. As soon as we drove in to Bloomington we asked my four year old if he was excited to be back. He gave us an unenthusiastic "yeah" but when we pulled up to MTC and asked if he was excited for Green Curry, he gave us an extremely enthusiastic yes! I think he even started to sing a little bit about his favorite dish.

We made it through lunch without any major meltdowns. I didn't really expect any because I knew they had been looking forward to this lunch for months now. We finished up and packed up the leftovers then headed straight to our favorite local donut store, Cresent Donuts. Now usually donuts are just donuts, but if you get them from Cresent, they're a circle chocolatey piece of donut heaven. I'm not even kidding. They're so good, we brought back tons of extras at the end of our trip! Afterwards, we headed to see some of our favorite faces at The Green Nursery! I miss my fellow TGN mamas and I'm so glad I got to see them. I literally jumped for joy at seeing their faces. While my kids terrorized the store and ate their donuts, causing them to do more terrorizing- I got to chat with my dearest friends.
Afterwards we headed over to see my father-in-law then my father. The boys got to talk their ears off and I know their grandfathers and their uncle enjoyed seeing them. My brother even had the cutest little stuffed animals from Disney to give them. I may or may not be jealous of their cute stuffed animals. After hanging with them for a while we ran a couple errands, grabbed some more food then headed to our friends house where we were staying for the night. There was a house full of kiddos there! Usually I worry about how my kids will behave. Sometimes, they just don't get along with other kids. That night, they were amazing. All the kids were really good. Nobody cried, nobody got hurt. It was a win in my book. I even got to snuggle the sweetest little baby and my husband rocked him to sleep. The mother of said baby was so happy to get a little break too. So that was really nice. I really wanted to offer to put him in my wrap so he could get a nice long sleep, but I didn't want to impose.

We woke up the next morning, Sunday, a bit early so we could get some grub at Moe's. It doesn't sound too exciting, but we don't have one near us. But also, I love tacos. So good! Then we headed to the mall to hang out with my mom. The boys were so excited to see her. They even got these cool ball things her husband won out of the machine for them. So nice! After spending time with my mom, we headed to Jumpin Joey's so the boys could have some fun before we hit the road later that evening. I'm glad we got a chance to squeeze that in because the boys really love it there. 
From there we headed to one of our favorite parks in Bloomington to meet up with another friend. She brought her sweet little baby boy and I got to snuggle him a bit too. I mean seriously guys, all these baby snuggles this past weekend did nothing good for my baby fever and I've thrown out way more hints to my husband than necessary! We stayed at the park for a nice long while for the boys to get all their energy out. I enjoyed hanging with my friend and her baby too. I miss working with her on Wednesday at TGN.
Once we finished up at our favorite park, we still has some time to kill before we hit the road. We headed over to where Craig's friend works to pick up a small table they had for the boys. Then we headed over to the boys' Godmother's work so we could hang out there for a bit so she could see them before we left town. They also got to see their cousin and play with her for a while, so that was pretty nice for them. Before heading out of town I had to run by Walmart because I'm in search of this dang rainbow poop emoji pillow for my two year old. I knew I should have purchased it when I saw it here a couple weeks ago. Now I'm going to be searching for it until Christmas. Here's hoping I can actually find it. We hit up Barns and Noble and found my two year old some flash cards to work on his alphabet, stopped by to get some Taco Bell and hit the road.
We planned it so that the boys would end up sleeping the entire drive back home and it mostly worked until we hit some traffic and my two year old woke up. So, since we were in some sit still traffic, I climbed into the back to nurse him back to sleep. They slept all the way until home and I even managed to get them changed into their pajamas without them waking up too much. We had such a great visit back to Bloomington but boy were we glad to be home in our bed stretched out and comfortable. Of course the next day or so both kiddos started showing signs of being sick. Now here we are, a week later and all four of us managed to catch some gross cold. Now that I'm finally getting laundry and everything else caught up, it's time to get a fun review and giveaway up for you all! So make sure you check back in soon!