Friday, September 9, 2016

National Teddy Bear Day!

Did you know today is National Teddy Bear Day? I didn't know until yesterday, actually. So here's the deal- today only you can buy a bear from Build-A-Bear for only $5! This is a pretty great deal considering they're normally $12. They even have two additional bears- Lil’ Vanilla Bean Cub and Lil’ Hazelnut Cub. To make it even better for every $5 bear purchased today for National Teddy Bear Day, BAB will donate a bear to charity. This deal is only in stores though, so hopefully you (or someone you know) has a Build-A-Bear close to you! Unfortunately for us, the closest one is at least an hour away. So we will not be participating in the awesome deal today. However, I hope some of you can!  For more information or to find a store near you,  head over here 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Super Fun, Easy Craft!

Occasionally I search Pinterest for crafts to do with the kiddos. Usually they all end up needing way too many supplies and look like more trouble than they're worth. While scrolling through Facebook one day I saw a cool little craft where you take a box and turn it into a little car. Toss on a movie for your kiddos and give them a snack and it's like they're at a drive in! When we lived in Indiana, we went to the drive in several times as a family. It was our favorite summer activity to do with the kiddos. (Although, now with our minivan, it would be even more amazing.) Since we currently have a million boxes in our storage closet after moving, I figured this would be a pretty simple, fun craft for the boys. We also have a really ridiculous stash of construction paper, so we didn't need to buy any supplies for this craft. Even if you don't have construction paper, you can really use just about anything and color/paint it.
I started off letting the boys paint their boxes while I cut out circles for the headlights, wheels and taillights. We used extra paper plates left over from a birthday party for the steering wheels. Once they finished painting, I set the boxes outside so the paint could dry in the sun. This only took about 5-10 minutes at most. Once we brought them in, we finished putting all the extra stuff on. We glued on the wheels which I cut from black construction paper. We glued on the steering wheels which were just paper plates small enough to make the perfect steering wheel. Next we glued on the taillights, which I used plastic cups that were also leftovers from one of their birthday parties. We used yellow construction paper cut out in smaller circles for the headlights. 
 Once we were done putting all those things on, I thought about what else a car would have that would be fun for the kiddos. Then I remembered my four year old made a license plate to put on our van. So I decided they needed one for each of their cars. But I wasn't sure what to write on them. I thought about just letting them make their own, but I'm pretty sure my two year old was over decorating the car at that point. Then I thought about using their gamer names. They play a game called ROBLOX and they each came up with a name. My four year old is ChunkyMunky1 and my two year old is FrostytheSnowKid1. They fit each of them perfectly. So I wrote them out on the license plates and glued those on last. 
Finally, I grabbed a blanket to toss in and gave them some snack. Then we picked a cartoon on Netflix and they sat in their cars like they were in a real drive in.
Even after they were done with their cartoon, they played with those boxes for days and days. They pretended they were ice cream trucks, trains and other things. They would take them to the parking garage and go shopping. They really loved this craft and I was so excited we could make a fun time out of it while using up some old supplies we had on hand.