Tuesday, August 25, 2015

GroVia O.N.E

If you remember back to last year, GroVia announced their Kickstarter campaign for their newest addition- the GroVia O.N.E diaper! They had tons of really awesome prizes for those who backed their kickstarter campaign, including exclusive colors. They had CrimsONE- a beautiful red, LemONE- a really nice yellow, CyclONE- a very pretty blue that was kind of close to their ice color and a FreshONE- which is pretty much like their vanilla. (There were also some super cute onesies and wetbags!) Then they gave the option of voting for some super cute prints for the next round of O.N.E diapers to be released if they reached their goal of $60,000! They had 6 prints to choose from. Ur the O.N.E, Ace, Zen Garden, Dandelion, Cabana and Koi! This all happened in October of last year. Once the campaign ended and the votes were counted they announced that they would be making the following three prints- UR the O.N.E, Dandelion and Koi. The Kickstarter rewards were then set to be shipped to the backers in March of 2015. Then the prints were set to ship to retailers in April.
I was lucky enough to get my hands on a CyclONE and had been using it for nighttime for my son who at the time was just about to turn one! It was working really well for us, so I decided to purchase the Dandelion print once The Green Nursery got theirs in stock. Luckily I got there in time because they ended up selling out pretty quickly. That brings us to this month, where GroVia released the O.N.E in four new colors! There was Lotus, Citrus, Topaz and Cloud. All very great colors. I decided I needed to snag another solid so I could use my Dandelion during the day and save the solids for nighttime, so I picked up a Lotus. Though, now I'm thinking I need to use Lotus during the day because the color is beautiful! 
If you haven't heard (or seen) all the talk about the O.N.E (you've kind of been missing out) here's the rundown. The GroVia O.N.E diaper is a game changer. That's the tagline for the diaper and it's properly fitting. The O.N.E comes with hook and loop that snaps onto the diaper. So you can choose to use either snaps or  hook and loop. This is a genius idea! I've used both and both closures work really well. I prefer to use the snaps currently, because with it being summer, it's pretty hot so he sleeps in just a diaper usually (or just a diaper and a shirt). If I use the hook and loop, it's bound to come open with as much as he rolls and moves at night. However, when it gets to the cooler months, we'll use the hook and loop again since he'll be wearing pants to bed. This diaper can be used from 10-35 pounds, so shortly after your little one is born and all the way up to toddler-hood. My son is just about 30 pounds now and it still fits him really well with both soakers in.
A huge perk of this diaper is that it's no prep! This mean you can start using your diaper right away without multiple washing. However, it's important to remember that before putting it up against your heavy wetter or nighttime use, you need to wash it a few times. So use it during the day, toss it in the wet bag, wash and repeat. After a few times of that, it'll be perfect to use overnight. It comes with two soakers and the entire diaper itself has some absorbency. During the day, you can easily use the larger soaker then add the smaller soaker in for nighttime. Using just the larger soaker during the day gives the diaper a nice trim fit. 
With the hook and loop, it's recommended not to wash it with your diaper so it will last longer. However, when you need to replace it, it's a pretty easy task that's low cost. This is nice because changing out your hook and loop for snaps can take some work on any other ordinary diaper. It's also a really easy diaper to maintain. The cotton blend soaker material means there is no shrinking. You can easily wash it like you would wash any regular laundry and you can even use bleach if needed!
At $21.95 the O.N.E is pretty reasonably price. If you consider this your nighttime solution and compare it to other nighttime solutions, you're saving money. We used to use fitteds and covers for nighttime. Fitted diapers can be pretty pricey, then you have to purchase an additional cover. We're now using the O.N.Es and some GroVia prefolds as our nighttime solution and couldn't be happier. Honestly, the hassle of trying to change into a fitted and cover while my son was sleeping was too much. Now it's a pretty simple change and more times than not, he stays sleeping through the diaper change.

Between the release of the Kickstarter colors and the prints and now the new four colors, GroVia has made some changes to the O.N.E diaper. I noticed right away once I opened up my Lotus. All of the changes I noticed weren't on the outside, but on the inside of the diaper. A quick note, my Dandelion has been used (quite a bit) over the past few months while Lotus had never been used when the photos were taken.
So the first thing I noticed was the front of the diaper now has this strip that goes across the entire diaper. It's no longer cotton all the up. I'm assuming this change was because a lot of people with the previous versions of the O.N.E had issues with the cotton kind of folding out. This of course would cause wicking. I find this a welcomed improvement to the design.
The next thing I noticed was the back of the inside. First, you no longer see a tag on the inside of the diaper. You'll also notice they took away the hook and loop part from the inside as well. I'm really not sure what these changes were for, but I personally like not having the hook and loop part on the inside.
The soakers on the Lotus seem longer than the Dandelion, but like I said, Lotus was brand new in the photos. I hadn't washed it yet, so I'm sure they will settle into the same size as the dandelion soakers.
If you haven't tried the GroVia O.N.E diaper yet, you can head over to The Green Nursery's website and find all four colors in stock. Lotus is so beautiful in person, it's definitely one of my favorite colors. Although really, all four colors are great!

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