Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hi, I'm Katie and I'm Addicted To Making Lists!

I've noticed that I make lists all the time. I different variations of "To Do" lists. What I need to accomplish in that day, that week, that month and so on. I make lists of things I need to take along during long outings, trips and different events. I just really enjoy making lists. It's actually quite amusing when you think about it. Actually, I'm currently making a list in my head right now since we're going to the drive in tomorrow. I'll admit, since we're friends, that I just had to take a break so I could make a list. Ha! Not only do I make lists for every single thing, I also plan really far in advance for stuff. My 3 year old has a birthday coming up. By coming up, I mean in November. Yep, 5 months away and I'm already thinking about what the theme will be (MInecraft), what different Minecraft themed snacks I can come up with and what we're going to get him. I'm also planning for several different family outings that need to happen before winter sets in- and it's not even Fall! This drives my husband bonkers! (Sorry Dear!) 

I'm such a planner. I like to have every little detail planned really far ahead. I turn into a crazy lady when I'm pressed for time and planning things at the last minute. I'm not sure if I've always been like this (we should ask my husband) or if having kids has done this to me. My husband has always, always been the kind to just jump up and go. He never likes to plan. Not even a day in advance. You can see how this can become a problem. We have to kind of meet somewhere in the middle. A nice middle ground. We plan just enough in advance that it doesn't drive him mad, but not too close to last minute that I become a raging lunitic. Ha! Spoiler alert- I still plan really far in advance, I just try not to tell him about it! 

So I've been thinking I need one of those nifty life planners. Then I can make lists and plan to my heart's desire without driving my husband to the looney bin. There are so many different brands out there though. I've seen a lot of great ones, Some are pretty costly though. Are there any you would say are worth forking over some cash for? Please, fellow planners and list makers, help me decide on one! Now, if you don't mind, I'll go back to making a list to remind myself of all the crap I need to take care of tomorrow, Until next time friends.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If My Toddler Could Write: He'd totally have a blog!

I've decided that if my toddler could write, he'd totally have a blog. At the very least, a Twitter and Instagram account. My kid is quite the comedian. I give credit to his father who has such a great sense of humor. I'd like to think I'm pretty funny, but my husband takes the cake. 
So I usually try to write all these funny things down or put them up on Facebook so I can look back and see all the hilarious things he's said over his toddlerhood. While three has been a really, really rough and trying age, it's also been the most fun. Toddlers will say the craziest off the wall things. 
Here are some of the funny things he's been saying to me lately. 

-"Hi mommy, I like your boobies. I need to eat them!"
This one was hilarious and worrisome all at the same time. He's still nursing (at 3.5 years old) so when he says he wants to eat my boobs, that makes me cringe!

When asked (by my sister) what mommy likes to drink, his reply was nothing short of hilarious.
-"Mommy likes to drink alcohol!" 
I swear, I do not drink that often! 

Yesterday we went fishing with my sister. He must have had a blast because he said the following. 
-"We'll go to bed. Then the sun comes up and we'll go fishing. Is that a problem? Is that a deal, Mommy?" 

There's the ever popular, every parent with a toddler has to deal with:
"Uptown f*ck you up!"
Repeated over and over, enthusiastically. Which he has no idea what it sounds like is coming out of his mouth. He just knows that it's a catchy tune. This my friends, is the reason I have a strong hatred for this song. 

One every mom with a boy gets to hear, and never gets old. 
"Mommy, where's your penis?"
(Or when he gets really excited to discover during bath time that his brother also has a penis. So he exclaims loudly that he's found his brothers penis.)

One day we were at Victoria's Secret when he asked loudly:
"Is that boobies, mommy?!"
(I see a growing pattern here.)

The time he told me he wasn't going to stop nursing until he went to school. 

This one literally just happened. He brought me a wrench and balloons and asked me to "fix" the balloons. While it's not the funniest thing he's ever said, it make me smile at least. 

So now that I've shared a glimps into the funny things my toddler tells me, it's now laundry time. Comment with the funny things your toddler has said to you.