Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

We've been so incredibly busy this weekend. Heck, we've been busy the past year really. As if you couldn't already tell by my lack of posts. (Although, you can catch me over at helping out with some reviews! I'm enjoying working with Maria and incredibly thankful for the opportunity to write reviews for her!) Trying to adjust to life with two boys hasn't been the easiest. In fact, some days I was wondering what the hell we were thinking having them "close" in age. It's all worth it though. Soon my sweet little one year old won't be so fragile and his brother can play rough as much as he wants. So we just celebrated my one year old's birthday this weekend. It was incredibly stressful for me and really emotional. I know everyone says this about their kids and more times than not someone rolls their eyes hearing it, but my sweet baby grew so quickly. My pregnancy seemed to go by rather quickly up until the end. Suddenly, it just started dragging on and I ended up going to 41 weeks and 3 days. You can imagine the constant questions on when he was going to arrive from everyone around me. So when I woke up one day and he was suddenly so much bigger, walking and starting to have this incredible personality, I just cried. He was no longer my tiny (or not so tiny) 8.11 pound squishy baby. I will definitely set some time aside to write out both boys' birth stories this week, because it's been on my list. However, the reason I started this post was because Mother's Day was yesterday! (I mean, of course you all knew that.) 
So for my mom, my sister and I bought a Mommy and Me photo session for her. My good friend (and fellow blogger) took the pictures for us. She's incredible and I love her work (both photos and blog) so much! I really need to get a frame to put a couple of the pictures in for her though. Because she's going to want to display a few around her house. We also got some photos with the boys in them so I'm pretty excited about those too. The boys certainly love their grandma! 
Then yesterday, we took Craig's mom for a joint Mother's Day lunch. So all day I saw everyone posting their cute plates of pancakes that their husbands and kids made them. This made me laugh because this is not at all how our day went. Don't get me wrong, I think it's lovely that there are husbands out there who enjoy getting up early to make pancakes. That's just not us. I'm not complaining either, trust me. I knew before marrying my husband how these kinds of events would play out. Honestly, at this point in our marriage (6 years in December) I've told him to skip the flowers. Obviously I'm not that big into romance. Not in the traditional sense that is. I was the first one to wake up, followed by our one year old, then three year old. I got them both dressed and ready for our day and then dealt with any tantrums or fighting. (Let me tell you, the fighting starts early!) Then later on my husband got up and we decided what our lunch date plans would be. 
My toddler was set on eating My Thai CafĂ©, which has the very best Green Curry we've eaten. Sadly it's closed (at least the more family friendly side of town) every Sunday. Boo! So we decided to brave O'Charley's which was extremely busy and a 45 minute wait. (We've decided we would just do Mother's Day lunch/dinner early next year!) Then we finally got to our seat, ordered and just started chatting while the boys were entertained. The wait for our food was excruciating after the boys decided there was no longer any possible way they could sit another minute. It really did take so long to get our food. And I really am proud they were entertained for the first part of the waiting. However, the long wait meant actually eating was going to be a rough event. Both boys were done. Just done. My toddler didn't want to sit anymore and no amount of Minecraft or Big Hero 6 on my husband's phone would remedy that. Our one year old decided he wanted to get out of the high chair and strut his stuff to show off how well he's doing at walking. If not, he was determined to throw every single thing in arms reach off the table. The playdoh wasn't entertaining anymore and was becoming food. So we pretty much stuffed our faces, put the rest in to go boxes and waited for the check. Which seemed to take forever as well, so my mother-in-law and I took the boys to the car while waiting for my husband to pay. 
This is just proving the point as to why we hardly ever go to sit down places to eat with two young rowdy boys. (Well, that and it's expensive.) But even on special occasions, it's worth it to get carry out and eat at home so they can play and run around and be kids. I'm not surprised by how our lunch date unfolded either. It's pretty much expected for how long we waited. I'm not sad or angry, I'm amused mostly. I'm amused because all you see is everyone posting their cute pancake pictures and here I am just trying to get my toddler to stop bothering the people behind us or to not eat playdoh. So this is my honest parenting, honest Mother's Day post. Oh and the rest of the day pretty much reflected that of lunch. This is the life with boys though. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. Because when they're teenagers, they'll still have maintained their level of crazy. Unlike if I had a girl, who would have so many emotions and drama to sort through. I'm so obviously meant to be a boys mom and I don't mind. So now that our stressful weekend is over and done with, I think we need a week of fun and play. Starting with bowling and maybe the Wonderlab. I cannot wait for the Splash Pad to open so they can run out their energy there! 
I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day. No matter if it was just another day or you were wined and dined. I feel incredibly loved and so happy. These crazy little dudes made me who I am- a mother.