Monday, March 17, 2014

Is It Spring Yet?!

Lately the weather has been teasing us. One day it'll be shorts and tank top weather, the next it's snowing! I know I'm not alone in saying that it's time for winter to be over and for spring to finally get here. Just Saturday we were having nice 60 degree weather. We took C to the park and he was able to comfortably wear shorts and a t-shirt. The next day it was back down to 40 degree weather and all we wanted to do was stay inside bundled up. Tuesday (I guess that would be today since it's 1 am now. Ha!) we're supposed to be back up in the 60 degree weather so we're absolutely going to be out at the park that day. It's so nice after being stuck inside all winter (because this winter has been unforgiving with the cold temps) to finally get outside and run around. Not only was I getting cabin fever bad, C was as well. It also helps us stay on a decent sleeping schedule because when we take him to the park, or even outside, he gets worn out from all the running around we do that he's ready for bed at a decent time. I'm not even going to start about what our sleeping schedule has been like recently because it's just been horrific. I will say that when he went to bed Saturday night at 10:30 and slept until 10:30 the next morning, it was better than waking up on Christmas morning!

Since I have the biggest pregnant belly that you can see from space, I didn't do much playing. I took my camera along to get some cute pictures of him having a blast. I think my camera is probably my absolute favorite accessory. (I love it even more than my cloth diapers, but shh! Don't tell them that.) We're headed back out to the park tomorrow today for the nice weather, so I'm sure I'll be taking more pictures. We actually found a park where we're comfortable enough letting C go up by himself to slide down the slides and whatnot. Call us helicopter parents, I just call us paranoid. I just always fear he'll get too close to the edge and fall. Obviously kids fall and get hurt, but I really would rather him not fall from that high up and end up with a broken bone. So having this park and not having to worry about him falling is pretty nice.
Not only am I looking forward to all the nice weather that spring and summer will bring, I'm looking forward to our baby's arrival. While I've been hoping for a May baby, I'm not entirely sure baby C will wait that long. I guess only time will tell. My Mom joked that I'm going to go into labor on Easter. That would be awful! I want to enjoy a nice delicious Easter dinner while pregnant. I mean, being pregnant eating great food is probably the best! Although, since I'll be tandem nursing, I think eating a lot of delicious food will be equally awesome and I'll be able to eat a ton and still lose the weight. (The best part about breastfeeding right? I'm kidding of course.) I'm really getting to the point of being anxious waiting for baby C to get here. There's still so much we have to get done though. We need to move, get a dresser for baby's clothes and reorganize basically everything to make things less crowded. This is a lot to attempt to do before our baby arrives, but I'm up for the challenge. I'd rather be all moved in to a new place before baby gets here than have to try to move everything after baby has already arrived. Even though I won't be able to move anything really, even the light stuff, I can direct people where I want things to go. That's pretty exciting. We had actually planned on being moved already, but it's been difficult trying to find a place with the right criteria. I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you how time consuming and difficult it is trying to find a new home.

So that's pretty much where I am at this point. Just trying to have patience and hope everything works out the way it's supposed to soon. I've also been trying to take it easy just because of the way I've been feeling. I get super exhausted and feel like baby could just fall right out. Yesterday (Monday) was 34 weeks so we still have a while to go before I'd be comfortable with baby being born. Like I said though, I'm crossing my fingers for a May baby. Maybe I should be crossing my legs for a May baby instead. Hehe.
Are there any other Mamas due soon? When is your due date and how are you feeling? Are you ready for baby's arrival or are you enjoying the last stretch of pregnancy. I've enjoyed it up to the point of not being able to move around very easily because I'm so huge!

Also, don't forget there's a giveaway that's ending. If you haven't entered, do it now. There are low entries so your chances of winning are pretty great! Be on the look out for another review coming up soon. I'm working on that now and I think you'll enjoy it a lot. As always, thanks for reading my little blog and hope you come back soon!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Easy Canvas Prints Review and Giveaway!

I've always had a thing for photography. In high school I took a photography class and also a photoshop class. I even entered a contest in my photoshop class and was one of the top three winners. I won a cash prize and had my photo displayed in a college. So it was no surprise that once my son was born I took tons and tons of pictures of him. Soon enough I had picture frames full of photos all over my walls and a couple photo albums filled with pictures of C! As he got older I scaled it back just a bit since I was running out of wall space. (Also, I'm pretty sure nobody cared to see twenty photos of him sleeping even though I did!) That is until I got my new camera, then the photos kept coming.

For Christmas C got a Radio Flyer Wagon with his name on the side from my dad and brother. A few days after, we had a decently warm day for it being winter. So I grabbed my camera, stuck C in his wagon and went out on a walk. I captured him at the perfect time with a giant smile on his face, his nameplate showing with a great tree in the background. It quickly became my favorite photo of him. I just had to get it printed. I figured what better way than to do a review and possibly an awesome giveaway. Everybody wins!

Easy Canvas Prints lets you turn your favorite photos into some amazing wall art. They have so many sizes you can choose from so you can add your favorite photo to that perfect place on your wall. The smallest size is an 8x8 and you can get all the way up to a 30x40!
Standard .75" wrap.
It all depends how big of a canvas you're in the market for. After choosing which size you need/want, you choose the wrap thickness or add a frame to your canvas if you'd like. (I just went with the standard wrap for mine.) Next you can either upload a photo from your computer, Instagram or Facebook. This is pretty convenient so you don't have to search through all the photos on your computer. I really like this feature because I have so many photos on my computer! Once your photo is uploaded it will let you know if the quality is poor, fair or good. This is another great feature so you know if you need to choose another photo with better quality so you're happy with your product.

Standard wall hanger.
Then you can choose whether or not you want a standard wall hanger of canvas stand. I personally love hanging it on the wall to keep it out of toddler hands! After that you choose one of three boarder options. You can choose a color boarder or just have the photograph wrap around. Next is color finishing and optional image retouching. Now all you do is add it to your cart and select if you want all mounts or not. Next you go to your cart for checkout, add all your information and select shipping which is free for the US! (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii)
The process was extremely easy to order my custom canvas print. It didn't take me long from start to finish to complete and order my canvas. It shipped to me via UPS and was actually shipped sooner than my original estimated shipping date, which is always nice to see. They are extremely fast at Easy Canvas Prints! It was processed and shipped in about 13 days (that includes weekend days) and I ordered it on a Friday. As soon as it arrived, I opened it up to check it out. I was extremely happy with how it turned out. The quality is absolutely amazing! They took my favorite photo of my son and turned it into an amazing piece of art for me to hang in my home. 

If you're looking for a quality product with great customer service, you should definitely check them out! Their website is so easy to navigate, so if you're looking to check your order or contact them, it's all right there easy to find! They have a great section for pricing and design options if you'd like to check that out before beginning the process of designing your canvas. They also have a section where you can get ideas of what to have printed on your canvas, which is nice because it gives you ideas of where you could hang your canvas. There is also a section for customer stories where you can read how they liked their canvas or who they ordered their canvas for. I would absolutely order from them again especially once my newest addition to the family gets here. I'm going to enjoy showing it off to any visitors we have in our home.

I'm not the best at making things even, but it looks amazing!
Last but certainly not least, Easy Canvas Prints has graciously offered one of my lovely readers their very own FREE 8x10 Canvas Print! This is such a great deal and an amazing giveaway. Not only are they offering one reader a free canvas print, they're also offering 50% off canvas prints with FREE shipping to the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Just click the link to take advantage of this wonderful offer. Be sure to enter the giveaway on the Rafflecopter form and good luck everyone! 

a Rafflecopter giveawayI will email a winner once the giveaway ends. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Thank you for entering and good luck!
**Note: I received the above mentioned product free for review for my blog. I was in no way compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.**

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