Sunday, January 20, 2013

My different styles and brands of diapers. This list is sure to grow soon.

  I decided I'm going to go through the different styles and brands of cloth diapers I have and write up a little blog post for each. I'll just write out a little review for each. I'm almost embarrassed to write out what my stash contains for the world to see, because it's a massive list and honestly, I'm not quite done. There are a few more I'd love to be able to try. The good thing about adding more diapers is that I have an excuse since we'll be having at least one more baby before we call it quits. 
  So I'm not going to go through in this post and say exactly what I have in my stash, other than the numbers. Currently, as of today I have the following styles of diapers.
  • Pockets- 38
  • AIOs- 3
  • AI2/Hybrids- 11
  • Fitteds-3 4
  • Covers-2
  • SIO- 5
Here is my entire stash minus a bumGenius, JCTrade and 3 GroVia diapers!

Here are my 2 bumGenius Freetimes which are not pictured above.
  I have so many different brands of pocket diapers. I have bumGenius, Alvababy, JCTrade, Rumparooz, Maisie-Janes Baby, Smart Snugs, Sunbaby, Rumparounds, Chunkabutt, GoGreen, Happy Heinys and Tender Tushies. There are so many different brands of diapers. While this looks like a lot, it's not even touching the surface of how many brands there really are.
  When it comes to all in one diapers, I only have one brand. I've recently just started getting into the all in one diapers, so I hope to have more soon enough. The one brand of all in one diaper I have is bumGenius. The two different types I have are Elemental and Freetime, but I'll go more into that when I write that blog post.
  All in two and hybrids I have two different brands. The first brand is GroVia and the second is Softbums. I'm not sure if there are a ton of different brands of all in twos, but I wouldn't mind having some more.
  We have four fitted diapers. Three of our fitted diapers are made my Sustainablebabyish, also known as Sbish or Sloomb. I will always refer to these as Sbish. Two of our Sbish fitted diapers are the Happy Little Cloud and one is a snapless. The other fitted diaper we recently acquired is the GroVia Kiwi Pie, it's SO adorable!
  I only have two covers and would love to have a couple more to see which work best for us. Currently I have a Thirsties cover and a Flip cover. These are used over the fitted diapers, however, the Flip doesn't have to be used over a fitted.
  Snap in one diapers are the itti bitti tuttos and I have five of these. I'm not sure if there are any other diapers that are considered snap in ones.

  So there you have it, my stash broken down into brands and styles of diapers. Eventually I plan on writing my entire stash out in a post with the different colors and prints, but that will take quite some time. When I wrote it all out in a notebook and showed my husband, he thought I was crazy. I'm sure someone will read this and feel the same way he does, but I love trying new kinds of diapers.