Thursday, December 12, 2013

$50.00 Imagine Cloth Diaper Gift Card- Giveaway! (US/Canada Ends 12/26)

Welcome to the $50.00 Imagine Baby Gift Card Giveaway sponsored by Leettle Baby and co-hosted by Our Piece of Earth & Mama Pure!
Christmas is around the corner, and if you are worried that there will not be enough fluff under the tree, you have come to the right place! One lucky reader win a $50.00 Imagine baby gift certificate to spend on any items of his/her choice. They have some seriously cute prints! I can't wait to try their newborn diapers. I plan on trying the newborn bamboo fitted and their newborn AIO in the adorable Trumpet print! I will have to have some matching baby leggings as well. All you need to do is enter on the Rafflecopter form below! There is one mandatory entry, but you can greatly improve your chances of winning by finding the most recent Imagine diaper prints on a few of the participating blogs. Don't worry, you will get hints on where to look!
Giveaway begins on December 12th, at 12 am EST and ends on December 27th, at 12 am EST. Open to all residents of US & CAN, 18 years and older. Good luck, and Merry Christmas!
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Monday, November 4, 2013


It's been way too long since I've written a blog post. The first trimester of this pregnancy really kicked my butt. I had absolutely no energy, was always nauseous and just wanted to sit around and do nothing. I had no motivation to write any kind of blog post. So now that I'm finally getting back to as normal as I can, I'm going to just update a bit then hopefully will find some time (the end of the year is always really busy for us) to post more often.

First and foremost lets talk fluffy talk! I recently won a GroVia AIO in their new print, Drift. The print is absolutely adorable and I'm totally in love. I want to also get it in the shell so I can use it over again. That's the only down side to having it in the AIO, once it's used once, that's it. However, I haven't been able to try their AIO since buying diapers is not in our budget right now, so I decided to give it a go. I'll be writing up a review so you can read my thoughts, likes, dislikes and decide if it's something you're interested in trying. We have also (slowly) been getting some newborn diapers here and there for our baby due in April. We haven't gotten much since we don't know what we're having. I won a cover and three prefolds from Facebook page, which was the first to start off my newborn diaper stash. I had actually won it before we announced we were pregnant, so I had to keep it a secret. That was tough! Next we added a used bumGenius newborn diaper in Grasshopper. It was only $5 so I just had to get it since it's my favorite color. Next my mom bought two XS thirsties fitted diapers with about 4 prefolds I think. One is orange which is my husbands favorite color and the other is a really pretty blue. So this is the beginning of our newborn stash. I'm not sure what we'll add to it. I don't want to spend a lot since my son didn't stay in newborn anything for very long. I'd love to try lil Joey's and GroVia newborn diapers, but I think my newborn stash will mostly be prefolds and a few covers just to make it super cheap. I have enough one size diapers to diaper the newborn and my toddler until he potty trains. Especially since I have a small stash stored away of "one size" diapers that C doesn't fit into anymore. The new little one will be able to wear them once they're out of newborn size diapers. If you have any suggestions on newborn diapers that you loved or hated, let me know! I didn't cloth diaper C as a newborn.

Next order of business! I'm officially 15 weeks pregnant today. Which reminds me, I need to take my baby bump photo. Like I previously mentioned, the first trimester was not that great to me. We're thinking that because I'm still nursing C my energy was much lower than my first pregnancy. Of course it was also hard to eat when I was constantly feeling like I wanted to vomit. Oh the joys of pregnancy. So far this one is much different than the last. My face is breaking out terribly, I feel much more irritable and of course being extremely nauseous. I don't think I've had any specific cravings, but I do enjoy getting a salad  (usually steak or chicken) from Penn Station. For some reason the salads sit with me better than their subs even though I get all the same toppings. I'm not really craving red meat as much as I did with C. I guess I sometimes get a craving for some sweets like chocolate cupcakes and whatnot. So far there is nothing really out of the ordinary about this pregnancy besides the fact that it's completely different from my first. No major (or minor) problems, thank goodness! I'm looking forward to all the little kicks and movements. That was one of my favorite things about being pregnant. I keep getting a quite a few of the same questions. First, do we plan on finding out the gender. My husband really wants to and I admit, I'd love to know as well. However, I like the idea of it being a surprise until he/she is born. That being said, I'm really on the fence about it. It would be nice to be able to prepare for a girl since we have no girl clothes. Also my best friend wants to throw me a "party" and she has very specific plans if it's a girl. So we'll see what we end up deciding. We will more than likely be finding out though. Next, since I have made it quite clear that I'm hoping for a girl I get this question so much. What if it's a boy? I really want to answer sarcastically from now on. "Well, we'll just give him away and try again!" Some of you are looking mortified right now, but this is just my sense of humor. I hate this question so much. What do they think I'll do if it's a boy? I'll love him just the same as I would if he were a girl. I love having a boy so much, C is so much fun that I would not mind having another boy. I also get asked quite often if I'm going to wean C. The answer is no. If he weans, I'm not going to stop him, but I'm not going to force him to either. While my milk supply has severely dropped, he is still interested in nursing. There's no way I'm going to take that from him. I think that's pretty much it as of now. I'm sure there will be more questions as time goes on that just annoy me to no end. 

Halloween has come and gone and we had a blast! We weren't able to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night because we were supposed to be getting some bad weather. 
We didn't, but it did rain a ton! So we went on Friday instead of Thursday. We took C around with my niece and they had a blast together.
He followed after her quickly (with Daddy right behind) to get the candy from each house. He even tried going into several houses. It was pretty hilarious and everyone laughed and asked him if he was staying. He was dressed up as Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba, but refused to wear the hat. Everyone still recognized who he was supposed to be. There was one occasion where he was walking back down the sidewalk after receiving candy and started to dance. It was the cutest thing and I caught it in a photo! 

Now that it's November, my baby is turning 2! His birthday is on the 8th and his party is on the 9th. I've been procrastinating so bad this time around. I feel like I was planning his first birthday since he was born. Things have just been so crazy, busy and stressful around here lately that I just kept pushing it back. That didn't make it come any later though. It's already down to the last few days. I can't wait to write a post up about his birthday/party and show you all what we got him! I'm so excited for him because I know he's going to love it. 
After his birthday we then have Thanksgiving, my birthday (we don't have anything planned for it), our anniversary (also nothing planned) then Christmas and New Years. We also had my husband's birthday on October 22nd. So the end of the year is always extremely busy for us. I'll be happy when we can rest a bit after New Years!

That's pretty much all I have. At least I think. I'm so forgetful lately, it's frightening. I'll just share a few of my favorite photos from the past month for you to enjoy.
As I was going through photos, I realized I forgot a couple things. We went to a pumpkin patch before Halloween to pick C out a pumpkin that we carved. That was pretty fun.
 We also went to an event  called, Halloween on Hillside at our local cloth diaper store The Green Nursery (aff. link!) which included a few of the other stores on that strip. The photo is from inBloom Photography!

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Huge Announcement!

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I'm going to be a BIG brother

Because Mommy and Daddy are expecting baby number 2!

Due April 2014!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Annual Family Zoo Trip!

So you know when you have a really fun family day and you're super excited to (in my case) blog about it or post your pictures to Facebook for all your friends and family to see? Well that was definitely me a week and a day ago when we went took C to the zoo. So of course it's taken me some time to actually sit down and write about it. I still have a post about homemade play dough I have yet to put up! I'm such a procrastinator. Which also explains why I have two loads of diapers to stuff and put away. Anyway, let me get back to the point here.

On the September 22nd, we took C to the zoo. It's crazy to think that this was his second year going. He was just 4 months old when we took him last year and now he's just about 2 years old! My husband and I went back in 2010 before I was pregnant and skipped going in 2011 because I was just too pregnant to really care about going. I was also working a full time job and only wanted to sleep in and lay around on the weekends. Who can blame a pregnant woman for wanting that?!
When we took C at 4 months, he wasn't really interested much because he was so young. For us though, it was a nice family trip that we planned to make an annual event. Last year he seemed to be interested in the monkeys because they were making funny noises. This year was completely different in so many ways. First we experienced a melt down when we were waiting for the train. (He has his mother's patience, I'm afraid.)
Once we got on the train he had somewhat of a sour face for the majority of the ride. He did enjoy the ride though, he loves trains and he got to see some of the animals a little more up close. We even managed to get a family photo thanks to the guy who sat in front of us.
We used our stroller when we had to walk between exhibits. I took my Ergo carrier in case we needed it for anything, but he's way to heavy for either of us to carry the entire time we're there. He liked it better this way though because it was easy to let him out of the stroller when we went got to an exhibit.
He even got a chance to play at a little park area they had and he loved it. I will say that using the Ergo would have been less of a hassle because it was a really busy day. However, it was nice having the extra space in the stroller for our water containers and snack we brought from home. This was a great way to save some money while we were there.

The first area we saw was the aquarium where all the different fish, sharks, penguins, polar bear, walrus and other animals were. C loved the penguins, especially because there were bubbles in there. We're not quite sure why they had bubbles blowing. Maybe it was some sort of entertainment for the penguins. C loved watching them swim around and play. We looked at the sharks and polar bear for a while, but C didn't seem all that interested in them. He did like watching the fish swim around.
Next we saw some flamingos which C didn't really care for too much. 

We then went into an area where they had birds. You could feed the birds from a stick with bird seed, but you had to pay for it. We weren't really interested in paying for bird seed, so we just looked at them. Then someone came up to me with one of their extra sticks and said C could have it. That was extremely nice of them and C loved feeding the birds! Eventually he became uninterested so I finished feeding the birds with the rest of the bird seed. It was pretty fun and I got a couple of neat photos.
We then went through the area with giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs, lions and the bear. 
Giraffes are my favorite animal at the zoo, so this was my favorite exhibit! Unfortunately we were too late to feed the giraffes. 
After that we saw the monkeys. C loved watching the monkey swing from tree to tree. This was his second favorite exhibit in the zoo. He had the biggest smile and even laughed at the monkey. This was rather fun because our nickname for C is actually Monkey! After the monkeys we saw the tiger. 
This was C's absolute favorite exhibit in the entire zoo! He was fascinated by the tiger and smiled so big. He kept making a tiger sound too. It was the most adorable thing ever. The way the tiger exhibit is set up, it has a huge glass area where you could watch the tiger. Anytime the tiger walked away from C, he would scoot in front of the other people watching so he could see the tiger.
He was that fascinated by it. We didn't want to pull him away, but we would have been there all day if we didn't.
At the end of our visit we went to the souvenir shop to pick C up a little something. He got an adorable shirt and a cute little car that has a tiger on it. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. Unfortunately the desert exhibit was closed, which we were looking forward to. The reason it was closed was because they're adding an orangutan exhibit right next to it. We can't wait to see this next year! We also missed the butterfly area because it closes an hour before the zoo.

If I had known that, we probably would have gone there first. This is actually the second year we missed that part. We'll definitely make it there next year!

What are some family activities or trips you and your children enjoy?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Have A Love For The Green Nursery!

Have I ever mentioned I test and review diapers for The Green Nursery? They're a local store here that sells cloth diapers and other great baby products! I'll give you a little background into how I got so involved in TGN and whatnot. When we decided to cloth diaper our son, we were waiting for a meeting with Heiny Helpers. This is a local organization who helps families cloth diaper their children, but might not have the money to get a full stash all at once. We were kind of in that boat. Not only that, but we had no idea which diapers we wanted to use. Luckily we were able to use Heiny Helpers for a while which helped us decide that, A) We definitely wanted to cloth diaper our son and B) We did not want to use prefolds full time. I enjoy using prefolds a little more now that I'm more experienced, but as a beginner in cloth diapering, I hated them! So after chatting with my husband about which diapers we should use and how much we wanted to spend, we started to do our research. Now, when we were waiting on the diapers from Heiny Helpers, I was totally impatient and decided that I wanted to go to TGN to see if I could buy just one diaper and try it out. (This was when they were at their old location on Kirkwood, for those who are local.) I was so confused! There were so many different diapers. After chatting for a while with one of the extremely helpful employees, I committed to buying a Flip cover (in Grasshopper) and three stay dry inserts. This seemed like the best option (and cheapest) for me to be able to test the waters. It was like buying three diapers! So back to the research. I looked into Alva diapers. I thought, wow, $5 for a pocket diaper with an insert? That's an awesome deal. My husband was doing his own research, however. He came across a review for the GroVia Hybrid diapers.(I wish I would have bookmarked whoever wrote that review so I could thank them!) He seemed to think they were our best option so we went to TGN's website to see what they had. We found their GroVia bundle and started to do the math. The way we looked at it, we could go with the Alva diapers (which would have cost a bit less) and wait for at least a month for it to ship OR we could buy the GroVia bundles from TGN and pick it up the very next day all while supporting a local shop. I'm sure you can figure out which one we went with. We picked up our GroVia diapers the very next day and even snagged a large hanging Planet Wise wet bag. The coolest thing about making that big of a purchase was getting the reward points! By this time TGN had moved into their awesome new store (on Hillside Drive for the locals). So the first event I ever attended at TGN was their grand opening party. I actually bought my very first Ergo and one of my favorite Itti Bitti prints that day! (Which is the red diaper with white stars. I'm not even sure of the name of the print and it's now discontinued.) Since then, they have had several events including a party to reveal the new Sloomb Happy Little Cloud, The Great Cloth Diaper Change and an event called Heroes for Naomi. Every event they have is amazing and I absolutely mark my calender (or join their Facebook event page rather) and never miss one. I spoke to Abby (who owns TGN with her husband) on a few occasions during events.
One day Abby messaged me about possibly becoming TGN's official diaper tester/review. I was beyond excited! I had recently started up this blog because I enjoy writing (especially about cloth diapers and other baby products). At this point I had a couple reviews for my own blog under my belt. I was given this amazing opportunity because TGN's blogger Brea's son decided to potty train. Of course I said yes right away. I have been officially reviewing diapers for TGN since late February. I'm so grateful they asked me to be the official diaper tester/reviewer because I have such a love for cloth diapers and hope that maybe one day, one of my reviews will help someone decide on buying a diaper or a stash of diapers (hopefully from TGN). 

Just recently TGN announced an amazing opportunity for other mom (and dad) bloggers. They now have an affiliate program. This gives you the chance to earn money while doing what you love to do. Blogging about cloth diapers, green toys, baby carriers and everything baby! So for everyone who visits your blog and goes through with a purchase, you earn 5% of that sale! You also get a pretty graphic to display on your blog! I have become an affiliate myself and have one of their lovely banners displayed on the right side of my blog. So, if you decide you really like something TGN has and want to buy it (They have extremely fast shipping, by the way!) just click on my affiliate link! (It would be much, much appreciated!)

(This banner has my affiliate link attached and is the only affiliate link in my post!)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Monkey's First and Second Haircuts!

Newborn Monkey!

When Monkey was born he had some of the most beautiful black hair I had ever seen on a baby. He didn't have a crazy amount like I've seen other babies have, but it was still such beautiful hair. After a few months his hair started to lighten up and disappear.

Bald Monkey!
 He was pretty bald for a couple of months, then his beautiful hair started coming back in. Lighter than what he was born with, but I was so happy his hair was growing back in nicely. This is the reason I wanted to postpone his first haircut as long as I possibly could. Finally, my husband and I decided it was time to get his hair cut. It was getting warmer out and this kid sweats terribly as it is because he's always so warm and his hair just added to it.

Before his first haircut!
Poor guy would drip sweat from his hair which would be soaked in sweat. I knew we needed to get it cut, so I agreed. Of course I was sad to get it cut since I absolutely loved his hair, it was so beautiful. However, I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible and his hair was obnoxious because it would be in his eyes. So we got his hair cut on May 5, 2013! He was 18  months old when he had his very first hair cut. 
In the process of his first haircut.

He hated the process of getting it cut off. He wanted to get up and run around, he didn't want anyone in his face with scissors and a comb, but finally we got him to sit still long enough by bribing him with my phone. (Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!)
After his first haircut!
 Everyone loved his new "big boy" haircut! (Of course I kept his hair so I could put it in his baby book.) I think he loved his new haircut more than anyone else. He seemed a lot happier since it wasn't in his eyes and it kept him a bit cooler on the warmer days.

So here it is September and we were in the same position as before. His hair was out of control, in his face, in his ears and it was way too hot for him to have to deal with such long hair. 
Right before his second haircut!

So we decided it was time (just four months later) for him to have another haircut. I'm not going to lie, I was slightly sad that his hair was short again. I think mostly because it makes him look so grown up, like he's a kid and not my baby anymore. However, he looks absolutely adorable with a "big boy" haircut. 
After his second haircut!
The woman that cut his hair did and excellent job, especially when she used the clippers to get the back of his neck and around his ears. She was so patient and you could tell she loved cutting children's hair. Also, we might have bribed him a little bit with a sucker. That only lasted a little bit though, then she let him play with her combs (which he dropped a few on the floor). He also tried combing his hair. She also had to bring a toy duck out that talked so he would be entertained by that.
After his second haircut!
 As soon as she was ready to use the clippers, she let him feel how it tickled his hand. (Don't worry, there was a guard on the clippers so he wouldn't get hurt.)
 He really seemed to like that, especially when she used them on the back of his neck. Now with winter coming up, I'm not sure if we'll cut his hair this short, or if we'll just trim it up to make sure it's not in his face or ears. I guess we'll just wait and see.

What age was your little one when they had their first haircut? (If they've had one yet.)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kawaii Heavy Wetter Review and Giveaway!

Sometimes when people see a low price tag on a diaper they think the quality is lacking. Lovely Eco Chic asked me to test the one size Goodnight Heavy Wetter Kawaii diaper for this very reason. When you're looking to sell diapers, you want to make sure you are offering your customers good quality diapers. The Goodnight Heavy Wetter has a price tag of only $7.75. Most people would lump this diaper in with the diapers that are considered "China Cheapies".

The Kawaii comes with two microfiber inserts that I feel are comparable to the inserts that come with the new Fuzzibunz diapers. They are extremely thick and absorbent for microfiber inserts. The problem with microfiber inserts is that they will (over time) flatten out. You can always put in another insert or maybe even a prefold if you prefer once they get to that point. The quality of the Kawaii is better than you would think for being really inexpensive.

The Kawaii has some really great features. It comes in some super adorable prints! I received the Black Aloha print to review and it's such a beautiful print. The tabs are squared with cross-over snaps so you can get a nice small fit if you have a tiny little one. There are hip snaps to prevent wing drooping, which is always a great feature. There is a nice wide pocket which makes stuffing super easy, especially if you want to use a prefold on the inside. There is a nice tummy leak-proof panel which prevents leaks from happening if your little one likes to sleep on their tummy.

This diaper is supposed to fit from 8 pounds to 36 pounds. There are three rows of snaps to adjust the rise setting which will make it small, medium or large.  My chunky guy is 35 pounds and we were on the very last snaps. We did have an issue with the diaper leaving some marks on him after the second time wearing it. He has extremely chunky thighs so we often times have issues with certain diapers fitting him well.

Overall, I really like the Kawaii.
It is much better quality than one would expect for it being so inexpensive. It works really well for heavy wetters and worked without leaks overnight. I do wish it was a little bigger so C would have more room and would fit him comfortably. If you're looking for an inexpensive nighttime solution, you should give the Kawaii a try.

Lovely Eco Chic has graciously offered one Kawaii Heavy Wetter (in one of the beautiful Aloha prints picture above) for one very lucky reader to win! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Family Time With C's Cousin.

Often times we have my 5 year old niece (A) over (during the summer it was whatever day)  on the weekends to hang out while her mom is working. C always has the best time when she's over hanging out. He actually has three cousins and all three are girls. The one he gets along with best, happens to be my 5 year old niece. I think this is because she's older and he really seems to look up to her. He's always attempting to do the things she's doing. He loves sitting with her to read a book or sits up to the table to eat lunch with her. (It's always a struggle to get this kid to eat something other than breast milk!) One of his cousins happens to be just a couple of months older than him, which can cause problems because he doesn't like sharing toys with her much. His other cousin is just about the same age as A. I thought this would help him to get along with her better, but it doesn't always happen that way. 

Anyway, this past weekend we had the pleasure of spending our entire weekend with her. My plan was to take the pair to the park at least once. C loves going to the park and we don't always get the chance to go. Seriously, if I could, I would take him to the park once a day. Excluding scorching hot days of course because I don't do well in the heat! We ended up going to two parks on Saturday. This was a lot of fun because it gave a little variety to what equipment they played on. We also decided to go to Target, which was one of the worst ideas I've ever had. See, we live in a college town and all the students are back. 

 Target happens to be on the side of town as campus and the mall so it gets extremely hectic when you're driving (or spending any kind of time) on that side of town. I avoid it like the plague when the students are back in town! After that, we decided to go see my mom at work and pick up a bite to eat. Of course by mid day C was getting cranky and tired and in serious need of a nap. A really wanted to go to the splash pad but since we didn't plan for that, I didn't have her swimming gear with us. It's actually quite funny because she wore pants over (it's been rather cool lately) so I needed to find her something a little less hot to wear. I dug through C's drawers and found a pair of shorts and a shirt that actually fit her. I was quite surprised and her mother was amused that she was wearing her younger (but chunkier) cousins clothing. So we had "quiet time" before she went home so the two of them could wind down from the day and get ready for bed. Of course C ended up staying up a little later than I wanted him to, but he also slept later as well.
I was so excited to have her back the next day and this time she came prepared for time in the water. I really didn't want to take two young children to the pool or lake because I have a serious fear of not only myself, but any of my family drowning. The pool was absolutely out of the question for us. Luckily we have a splash pad extremely close to where I live, so we decided we'd go there. We actually went to the park first (We planned on going to the library, but it wasn't opened yet since it was Sunday.) So we spent a little of our early afternoon at the park. The splash pad is the perfect place for not only A, but C as well. C absolutely loves the water and since it doesn't really puddle up, I don't have to stress about him possibly drowning. I think A loves it just as much. After the splash pad we headed back over to Target (What was I thinking?!) because A wanted to go really bad because her Aunt (my sister) was with us. She really just wanted a toy because she saw her Aunt give C a toy (from Cars) so she wanted a little surprise as well. After Target we headed out to see my mom so the kids could get in some time with their grandma and so we could get a little bite to eat. After that, it was definitely time to go back home to have our quiet time. We pretty much relaxed until she had to go home. 

That weekend exhausted C and myself, but we always love having A over. She always keeps things interesting. One (of the many things) I love is that when she comes over, she's always excited to see her "Aunt Katie's" new diapers! She was excited to see the new additions and commented on the cute pattern or something that makes them unique. I listened in as she was "reading" my Changing Diapers book and she was talking about going to The Green Nursery to buy diapers. It was one of the cutest things I've ever heard! It's quite funny what kinds of things children pick up when you don't even think they're listening. 

While this isn't a normal weekend while she's over, we always try to do something fun and enjoyable for the kids. Though, together they can come up with fun things to do even if we don't leave the house. Which is sometimes just what we need.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

World Breastfeeding Week: The Big Latch On 2013!

I planned on writing a breastfeeding blog post for each day of World Breastfeeding Week, but life happened. My husband was away for three weeks for an Army class and came back late the night before The Big Latch On. So of course we had some much needed family time and my blog was just not on the top of that list. However, I would still like to write about my experience with The Big Latch On. 

This is C at The Big Latch On 2012
This was our second year going. Last year C was about 9 months old and much easier to entertain while we were waiting to begin. This year he ran around grabbing toys and refused to sit still. I guess you can't expect a toddler to sit still for too long. So last year we went alone. I had no other mom friends who breastfed at the time. The moms I knew weren't breastfeeding their babies, so I'm pretty sure they would have declined to tag along to the event. This year it was a little crazier since C didn't want to sit still and there were so many more people, but I had the pleasure of having a good friend there with me. I was happy to see there were way more people than there were the previous year. I think someone mentioned they doubled their numbers from last year.

C at The Big Latch On 2012
 According to The Big Latch On Facebook page the final total was 14,536! That is absolutely amazing! Last year the total was 8862, so this year we completely shattered that record. I can't wait to see what the record is for next year. 
During The Big Latch On this year they also held a raffle this year for some of those "boobie beanies" and a couple of little prize packs. They had water and snacks available and they brought out cute pictures for the toddlers to color. Of course, C didn't sit for long to color.
There is C and myself at The Big Latch On 2013

Bloomington Area Birth Services (which was my location for The Big Latch On) also sells tons of maternity, breastfeeding, baby wearing and other great things so it was fun to browse while we were waiting for the event to start. Overall it was a lot of fun to join in on something so amazing. I can't wait to do it again next year!

***If anyone who went to The Big Latch On in 2012 knows who took the photos for the even, please let me know. I would like to link them in this blog post. I searched around, but couldn't find out who took them.***