Saturday, December 22, 2012

The fluffy addiction begins!

  When I first heard about cloth diapering, I was actually very intrigued by it. I looked into it a little bit but didn't make the switch until Chester was 6 months old. I went back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to take the plunge or not. I would convince myself to do it, then would convince myself it was too much work. Finally I decided I wanted to make the switch because of all the chemicals that are in disposables. This was my main reason for switching to cloth. The second reason was that disposables last hundreds of years in the landfill. That's pretty disgusting. After I was determined to start cloth diapering, it was time to convince my husband, Craig. I'm sure a lot of you know how that went. I don't think I've met a husband yet, who wasn't all for cloth diapering. At least from the start.
  So here was my pitch to Craig, "So I think we should start cloth diapering. Do you realize how much money we could save. Plus, LOOK how adorable they are! Also, they're much better for Chester, there are no chemicals in cloth. We can't forget about the environment either!" Seriously, I threw everything at him trying to convince him to jump on board. I finally convinced him after we looked at how much we were spending on disposables. I also think he could tell how excited I was about switching to cloth, he just couldn't say no. Before buying an entire stash of diapers, we were fortunate enough to try out some diapers through an organization called Heiny Helpers . They're so amazing, they lend out diapers to families who cannot afford them. This helped us tremendously! We were able to start saving money to put towards our own stash of diapers while trying out to see which kind of diaper we wanted to go with. We started with flats and covers, which it turns out that I really don't like flats very much.

  When we decided to buy our own stash, my husband did the research to see which ones had the best reviews and which ones he thought would work best for us. We decided to go with GroVia's hybrid system. We decided this for several reasons. The hybrid system made getting into cloth less overwhelming. Snapping and unsnapping inserts and reusing the shells sounded like very little work to us. Another reason the hybrid system sounded so appealing was because we didn't have to pack a ton of diapers in the diaper bag since I already pack so much. We bought our diapers from our amazing local cloth diaper store The Green Nursery. They have a great selection of diapers and have such wonderful customer service!
  So getting into the swing of cloth diapering full time wasn't as big of a challenge as I had thought. It took (and currently still is) taking some time to find the perfect nighttime solution because our son nurses a lot throughout the night still so he is a super heavy wetter. He also wets a lot first thing in the morning so it's important to find the perfect early morning diaper as well. Other than that, I think we've taken to cloth pretty well. We luckily haven't ruined any of our diapers and they are still working wonderfully. I am almost embarrassed to say that our stash has grown immensely from the 8 GroVia shells and 16 soakers to probably well over 40 diapers and I still have a few I'd love to try out. That's the great thing about cloth diapering, there are so many different brands that you can keep trying new ones and fall in love with cloth all over again. I know it's happened to me a few times!

Here are most of our diapers.
  If you're hesitant to try cloth, just ask around and see what amazing advice cloth diapering moms can give you. I will warn you though, crossing over to the fluffy side comes with an extremely fluffy addiction! I hope you come back to read more of my fluffy little blog posts.